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My trailer was custom "modified" by Aluma Trailers. They stretched one of their standard single axle trailers and added the under ramps for me.

This allows for the tire racks and the tool box on the front.

FW: My Trailer specs

Aluma built the trailer to my specs for only $2,600 delivered.  It is perfect for my Caterham wearing 13 x 10" slicks and has room for an extra set of 13 x 10" rains, a spare for the trailer, tool box, tent, lawn chair and a bike.

Weight about 650 lbs. with a 3,600 lb tow capacity in case I ever need to haul a heavier car.

Bed length 12'9"
Tongue length 48"
Total length 16'9''

Width at wheels 92" to fit in a standard garage door. Bed width 72" to accommodates car with 10" slicks

Bed height only 14" with: Ramps under deck 10" x 55" - easily accommodates car with only 1.5" ground clearance 14" aluminum wheels. Drop down stands under rear for loading when not attached to tow vehicle. Front jack w/ wheel and full lighting.

All of my dealings were with Dean Maschoff. He is the engineer who redesigned my trailer: 515-885-2398 or The phone is best.