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Warriors Event II

June 19, 2010 

Summit PointMotorSports Park

Summit Point, West Virginia

The bus from Walter Reed arrived about 3:00 and the Vets all had their lunches. Some then spent  time inspecting the race cars in the paddock area, others watched races.  Blake Osmond loaded others into his pickup and drove them to various viewing points around the track. Giant Food Bethesda supplied plenty of water for the day.

Once they were all fitted for helmets, the eight warriors, one family member and the bus driver all got rides in the cars of their dreams...some reaching 140+ mph on the straight away. Corvettes, Porsches and Cobras were the top pics. Suffice it to say that when they were finished riding they were all grinning from ear to ear.




His Wife




Naturally, the NASA Girls had to come visit and pose for photos.

All good things must come to an end.

But we weren't done yet. Hyperfest had events scheduled into the night. Blake stayed with his truck ad we transported our guests around to watch the Stunt Bike competition, the Rollover competition and the Drifting competition while having refreshments and snacks.

Around eight o,clock after a quick tailgate snack, they decided to call it a day and the bus departed for Walter Reed. We may not have had a full bus (100+ degree weather and two other car events on the same day) but those that came out had a great time.


Many thanks to the folks at NASA, the NASA Girls (see photos to come) Randy Runkles, Blake Osmond, Jan Nathan, Chris Fox and my wife and daughter for lending a hand.  

Our next event August 21st at Summit Point.

Come out and lend join in the fun.





Wounded Warriors Event I

April 17, 2010

Summit PointMotorSports Park

Summit Point, West Virginia

What a great day for our Chapter and our Wounded Warrior brothers and their families. We ended up with six service members and a host of family and friends. Once they got to the track we got them lunch and then proceeded to different view points around the track to watch the racing. At 1710, after signing waviers and helmet fitting, we got the eleven service members and family members into race cars driven by the best of the best instructors in the NASA Mid-Atlantic region.

As they rolled off of the track it was nothing but grins and smiles. A young enlisted guy went out on a Z06 and one of the wives went in a Cobra (Factory 5). Several folks have new favorite cars that they wish to buy (Lotus, Corvette, Porsche). "This car is sick, I have to get one"

To assist in finding each other, George brought along his 12h SF Gp HQ sign, which somehow found its way to his house when the Group was suht down. Go figure?

The NASA folks were VERY helpful all day; entrants were cordial and invited Vets to get up close with their cars in the paddock. Jeff Curtis, the chief instructor said that all 43 instructors voluntered to take a vet for a ride but there wern't enough riders. Maybe we can take care of that at the June 19th event as we have extended our invitation to 40 warriors.

A big THANK YOU to George Hillard, Steve Stratton, Randy Runkles, Nick Raymond, Henry Arup, Mark Gilbert, Tupper Hillard, Don McCreadie, Michael Cronin, Larry and his Air Force buddy and all the others that came out to support this worthy cause. I know the word will be spread around Walter Reed and the service member numbers will go up for the next event.

George Hillard was surprised to learn that one of the wounded vets served with him in the 12th SFG. Steve Stratton said that he was thankful he made the time to get involved in this event as the men and their families we served reminded me of why this country is so great. Last but not least, Marty Thonpson found his wallet.

Contact Michael D. and lend a hand June 19th at Summit Point for Event 2. We will need about 15 assistants. Or just come out and enjoy the day.

Pictures and Video to come....